Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Breakdown - MAC Pro Student Kit

Last week, my MAC Pro student kit for LCF arrived, so exciting! I thought that there is probably a lot of people out there who have considered buying themselves a student kit, or are even considering going to LCF in the near future, so I thought I would make a post breaking down the kit to show you all exactly what I received. Now this is a kit specifically tailored to the FDA Hair and Makeup for Fashion course, but I figured it would be similar to the student kits MAC sell on their Pro website. So, let me show you what’s included! 

L-R - Face and body foundation in C1 and C5, Strobe Cream.

I would have like to have seen a couple more shades in the kit, particularly for darker skin, but i’m sure I can buy more shades with my Pro Card as the course progresses.
Despite not being able to use any of the kit for another 4 weeks, I was naughty and tried a bit of the strobe cream on my face. I’ve always wanted to purchase it after hearing what a great product it is, but with my student budget, couldn’t justify spending £22 on a moisturiser! However after trying it out, I am extremely jealous that I can’t use it on myself, it leaves the most beautiful, dewy glow to the skin. I would definitely recommend it!

L-R Full coverage foundation NC15 and NC45
L-R - Select cover-up in NW15, NC20, NW45 and NC50
Set Powder in Invisible

L-R - Sheertone blush in Pink Swoon, Powder blush in Harmony

Chromagraphic Pencil in NW25/NC30

L-R - Lip pencil in Redd and Spice, Eye pencil in Grey Utility and Engraved

L-R - Matte lipstick in Russian Red, Lipglass lip gloss

I have NO idea why only one lipstick was provided in the kit, seemed a bit silly. In the Kryolan part of our kit (Which I get in September) we get a lip palette, but I still think we should have been given a few more MAC colours. Four would have been a logical number, but never mind. Looks like another trip to the MAC store with my pro card in hand.

Despite the annoyance of only providing one lipstick, the lipstick they did provide is the perfect pin-up red. Please excuse my terrible, abandoned nails, they need a good grooming and coat of polish!

L-R - Zoom lash in Zoomblack, Fluidline eye-liner gel in Blacktrack

Another two products that i’m on the verge of stealing for myself, but only because these have been a staple in my personal kit for years and i’m running out of both. I might just have to swipe them and replace them before I start! Although I have recently changed to Zoom Fast Black Lash, as I love my lashes to be completely jet black. Maybe i’ll just steal the liner…

L-R - Pigment in Vanilla and Melon

Empty Pro colour palette with 15 eyeshadow pans

First Row L-R - Gesso, Grain, Brun, Carbon, Electra
Second Row L-R - Shroom, Omega, Patina, Black Tied, Amber Lights 
Third Row L-R - Brule, Cork, Satin Taupe, Shale, Humid

And last but not least, a pencil sharpener!

The kit overall cost me about £340, as I got a great discount with LCF. I think the kits normally are around £500, but you’re still saving a great deal of money than if you bought it all at retail prices. I hope this may have helped some of you, when I applied to LCF I scoured the Internet to find detailed information on kits, but couldn’t find anything!
If you have any questions. feel free to ask!

Purity Skincare

Purity Skincare were nice enough to send over a package with their Skincare range inside, wonderful!
All their products are organic, fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin..and all under £10 each! I received products from both the morning and evening ranges, and they go as follows;

From the morning range
L-R : Facial wash £4.99, Facial exfoliator £5.99, Anti-aging moisturiser £7.99, Anti-aging serum and mask £8.99

And from the evening range
L-R : Regenerating overnight moisturiser £8.99,Conditioning cleansing lotion £4.99
From what i've heard so far, I can't wait to try them out! So while I decide which products use in my kit and which to keep for myself and review, you can check them out over at http://www.purityorganicskincare.co.uk/ or in store at Superdrug.



I thought I'd give an introduction as to why I'm here and what you'll expect to see from my blog!
I first started a beauty blog a couple months ago, I was in between make-up courses on an art & design foundation degree and was itching to get back in to make-up. I decided to combat it by starting a beauty blog, but not having the time to learn how to use blogspot, I turned to tumblr, which I had used years before. 
Despite gaining a big following in a small space of time, I began to notice that most people on there were of a much younger age group, and I was getting more notes on my pretty pictures of make-up hauls, than I was on my reviews and informative posts. So when I found I had more free time, I jumped ship to blogspot!

I'm a qualified makeup artist from Birmingham, soon to be moving to the big city, to start an FDA Hair and Make-up for Fashion course at The London College of Fashion. So aside from the make-up news, reviews, looks and hauls, I'm sure you will be hearing about the big move to London, life at LCF and all the ups and downs along the way. Looking forward to it!