Tuesday, 28 August 2012



I thought I'd give an introduction as to why I'm here and what you'll expect to see from my blog!
I first started a beauty blog a couple months ago, I was in between make-up courses on an art & design foundation degree and was itching to get back in to make-up. I decided to combat it by starting a beauty blog, but not having the time to learn how to use blogspot, I turned to tumblr, which I had used years before. 
Despite gaining a big following in a small space of time, I began to notice that most people on there were of a much younger age group, and I was getting more notes on my pretty pictures of make-up hauls, than I was on my reviews and informative posts. So when I found I had more free time, I jumped ship to blogspot!

I'm a qualified makeup artist from Birmingham, soon to be moving to the big city, to start an FDA Hair and Make-up for Fashion course at The London College of Fashion. So aside from the make-up news, reviews, looks and hauls, I'm sure you will be hearing about the big move to London, life at LCF and all the ups and downs along the way. Looking forward to it!

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