Friday, 22 February 2013

Ren Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream

I have pretty problematic skin, it's extremely dry, a little sensitive and prone to the occasional breakout. So while I have come across many moisturisers that claim to cover all three, they have always come with a negative that leaves me huffing and puffing in disappointment and reaching for the next find.

That was until a couple months ago, when I was given a handful of miniatures of this very product, discarded from magazines that had to be taken off the shelves. On a night where my skin was particularly red (The joy!), I replaced it with my current moisturiser in my night-time skin-care routine and went to sleep. To my shock the next morning, I looked in the mirror to find zero redness, lovely dewy skin, blemishes significantly reduced and not a negative comment in sight!

I would normally be quite reluctant to spend £27 on a day cream on my budget, £20 normally being my cut-off point, but finding a perfect match after so long it would have been stupid not to. Not only does it do wonders for my skin, it smells divine and creates an ideal base for primer and foundation. It also contains no parabens, harsh chemicals or synthetic colours and fragrances, which I think is so important with skincare. You wouldn't dare put these things in your body, so why would you put it on your skin? Ren is also against animal testing, which I've always been passionate about and hope more and more beauty companies follow suit!

I honestly cannot recommend this product enough, as well as everything above, it leaves my skin looking and feeling healthy and hydrated. If you are interested after reading this but don't want to dive in and pay £27 without trying it first, Ren do a introduction kit for sensitive skin containing miniatures of their Hydra-calm day cream, Hydra-calm cleansing gel, Omega 3 overnight lipid renewal serum and F10 smooth and renew peel mask for £13, link here.

Have you tried any products from Ren before? What were your thoughts?

To find out more about what brands are cruelty-free and to see how you can help the fight against animal testing visit and 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

Just a quick post to wish you a Happy Valentines Day! It's not too late to give yourself a super quick and easy valentines manicure as demonstrated in my lovehearts post here.

And if you're single or just a bit of a Valentines grinch like me, just use the day to think about what you love in your life. 
Now, doesn't that just make you feel all cheesy and warm inside!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Photo Diary 04

Oh I have been a naughty blogger! I have literally been so swamped that I haven't had time to post at all, the promise to myself that I would make the most out of being in London this year has really been in full effect this month.

When I haven't been in uni or doing uni work I've been saying yes to as many photoshoot offers as I can. One of the great things about being at the London College of Fashion is having a very useful thing called the LCF Fashion Network, where stylists, designers, photographers, makeup artists and the like advertise what and who they need for all their weird and wonderful shoot concepts. So we basically have a constant stream of jobs to hop aboard on if we need one! At the moment I've been planning my end of year photoshoot, which is as always very stressful, but I'm excited for the end result which I will be sure to share on here.
Visits from my family and my boyfriend over the last few weekends gave me the perfect chance to let my hair down and have a bit of fun exploring London. What I love about this city is that you can visit the same place time and time again and you'll always discover something new. If I ever have time to spare I purposely try to get myself a little lost, as it always leads me to little hidden gems, and London has plenty!
I also attended the BAFTAs red carpet Sunday night, I couldn't resist when it was right on my doorstep. Despite it pouring down with rain all evening, it was good fun. I got to see the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Anne Hathaway, Tim Burton, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Mirren, Bradley Cooper and Hugh Jackman among others, all of whom looked inhumanly perfect even when getting drenched in the downpour. I took a ton of pictures but due to me shivering in the cold they all came out blurry!

Hope you've all had a good week!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Valentines Loveheart nails

I have to say, Illamasqua Precision Inks are perfect for lovely, subtle nail patterns. What do you think?