Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Purity Skincare

Purity Skincare were nice enough to send over a package with their Skincare range inside, wonderful!
All their products are organic, fragrance free and suitable for sensitive skin..and all under £10 each! I received products from both the morning and evening ranges, and they go as follows;

From the morning range
L-R : Facial wash £4.99, Facial exfoliator £5.99, Anti-aging moisturiser £7.99, Anti-aging serum and mask £8.99

And from the evening range
L-R : Regenerating overnight moisturiser £8.99,Conditioning cleansing lotion £4.99
From what i've heard so far, I can't wait to try them out! So while I decide which products use in my kit and which to keep for myself and review, you can check them out over at http://www.purityorganicskincare.co.uk/ or in store at Superdrug.

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