Sunday, 24 March 2013

Fast-track your way to perfect brows with Crownbrush Pro Brow Palette

Pro Brow Palette: £24.99 (Image Source link)

Renouned for their affordable, high-quality brushes, Crown Brush have more recently been adding to their equally affordable makeup range, which ranges from eye shadow, blusher and concealer palettes. Their newest addition is the all-in-one Pro Brow Palette, which provides everything you need to keep unruly brows at bay.

(Image Source link)

The palette includes two eyeshadow colours that can be mixed together to create a customised shade, tailoring to both blondes and brunettes. The brow stencils give you a choice of three different shapes, whether you’re after a subtle brow or a high-arch, high-powered look. Small angled flicks with the brow pencil allow you to create a more natural finish, while the highlighting cream sweeped under the arch makes the brows pop. Also included are miniature versions of Crowns hard angled and spoolie brushes, tweezers and a cream eye shadow primer, providing the perfect base to compliment those perfectly shaped brows. All of which are housed in a sleek, purple case with convienent compartments to neatly store everything away.

The Pro Brow Palette is available now at Crownbrush online and is an absolute steal at £24.99. Karla Powell, head of makeup artistry has provided a step-by-step guide to using the palette for beginners in brow shaping, which can be found at Crownbrush’s Facebook page. It won’t be long until you’re creating beautifully groomed brows enough to give Cara Delgivine a run for her money!

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What's your go-to product for taming unruly brows?


  1. I love a good brow kit! I love that this comes with a little spooly!
    Megan xxx