Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Illamasqua Lipstick in Disciple

Illamasqua Lipstick in Disciple - £16.00*

Instead of my normal review,  here's the review I completed for the Bullring.
Tell us about your favourite makeup brands 
I don’t have a favourite makeup brand in particular, as I find that I have a favourite brand for different products. Overall my favourite brands are probably NARS, MAC, Kryolan and Illamasqua.

What key makeup item/s couldn’t you live without?
Surprisingly, the makeup item I’d say I couldn’t live without is a good brown eyeshadow. From that alone I can create a really subtle day look to a smokey eye for the night, even if I had to do so from one shade. Another item would be primer, I currently use Smashbox’s Photo Finish, there is such a noticeable difference to the finish of someones skin just from using primer as a base.

Do you have a staple lipstick shade/ brand? If so tell us about it 
I wouldn’t say I have a statement shade, but right now in these winter months my Clinique Chubby Stick is a god send. It gives my lips just the right hint of colour and they have yet to feel the affect of the bitter cold weather. It has literally been everywhere in my bag with me over the last couple of months. 

   Would you normally experiment with unusual shades and trends?
Being a makeup artist, I am forever picking out inspirations from all sorts of weird and wonderful places and applying it to makeup. I’ll take my ideas and experiment with them until I find something that works and can be used in a shoot or for the everyday.

What were your initial thoughts on the lipstick shade we sent you?
Honestly, my initial thoughts were ‘Do they actually want me to review this to wear for everyday use?’ In my makeup kit it is perfect, but being such a dramatic shade I started thinking ways I could make it a product suitable for ‘normal’ wear.

Are you a fan of the gothic beauty trend or not? Tell us what you think of it
I am very much a fan of the gothic beauty trend, wearing lipsticks in plum and wine shades can instantly create such drama in a look, and if worn correctly can be beautiful.

Did the shade we sent you suit your skin tone?
Normally when buying red lipsticks I opt for one with a blue undertone to suit my complexion, however I was surprised that such a bold shade did suit my skin tone.

How did the product feel on your lips?
It was quite drying, due to the matte finish, but the second time I applied some Burt's Bees balm underneath and it wasn't as drying. 

    Did you like the shade when you tried it on?
I didn’t like the shade no, but being navy blue I don’t think most people would unless it was for an editorial look.

What did you think of the packaging?
As always with Illamasqua, the packaging is sleek and understated, which I love. 

Would you recommend the brand to friends? 
I would definitely recommend Illamasqua to friends, their products are of such high quality and they aren’t afraid to be daring and break the mould with their products.

Would you wear this shade again? If not tell us why
I wouldn’t wear this lipstick again on it’s own, but I would definitely use it in my kit or if on myself, I’d mix it to make a dark purple or to tone down a bright red. 

Do you have any tips you can share on applying this lipstick or what kind of makeup look you think goes best with it? 
I experimented with the lipstick a lot, I mixed it with a red to create an amazing purple shade, and I also used it with a dark red to create a subtle ombre lip (pictures below), both looks being completely wearable. The best makeup look would be with a simple eye, I always think if you’re wearing a bold lip, keep the eyes nude, or vice versa. Just a lashing of mascara on it’s own or with a simple eyeliner flick would be perfect. 

Ombre lip using Kryolan mini-rouge lip palette and Illamasqua Disciple

Mixed with Kryolan mini-rouge lip palette on my photoshoot with LCF

Would you be brave enough to sport such a daring shade as Disciple?