Sunday, 7 October 2012

Zuca Pro Artist Case review

On Thursday, I received last pieces of my LCF kit, to accompany the MAC kit I received a month prior (You can see the MAC post here). So I thought it would be the perfect time to review the Zuca case I purchased a few weeks ago.

Originally I was debating whether to save money and buy a normal suitcase and clear pouches to organise everything, or grit my teeth and pay extra to get the case I really wanted. I knew that I was going to upgrade to the Zuca Pro Artist Case at a later date, as I've heard from countless sources what a little miracle it is, so decided there's no point in me buying both, and invested in the Zuca.
If you haven't heard of it before, the pro artist case made especially for hair/makeup artists and is the go-to case for a lot of artists worldwide. It contains 4 large and 1 small nylon utility pouches and a rain cover.

Inglot Zuca Pro Artist Case, £170

I have to say, I absolutely love this case! It is literally like a Mary Poppins wonder case, I have so much stuff and this is so tiny, but it fits everything in easily, with space still for more! Each pouch has it's own removable labels, which keeps my kit super organised and means I can instantly locate the type of product I want without having to root around for it. The sneaky little compartment at the back perfectly stores my business cards, and the compartments at the sides are surprisingly spacious, fitting my straighteners and curling tongs in either side. Probably my favourite part it is the stainless steel top which is so strong, it doubles as a seat! Not the most comfortable seat mind, but I'm sure I wouldn't care if I've been on my feet for hours.

There are extras you can buy for the case, some useful, some novelty (Flashing wheels anyone?). With my hair kit being as big as it is, I'm probably going to need another pouch or two to accommodate all my grips, clips and brushes if I don't want to be dragging a big holdall around as well, but other than that I have yet to find a fault in the case. If you are looking to invest in a good case, and like me aren't a fan of hard train cases, I 100% recommend the Zuca!

Does anyone have a Zuca case or are looking to buy one? Do you think it's good value for money?


  1. I love the look of this and I've wanted to get one for a while.. definitely looks a lot better than a normal case or suitcase like I'm using for my kit now! Will have to invest I think :-) x

  2. It's such a great little case for your kit, I'd definitely recommend it. :)

    Sara x

  3. Hi Sara where did you find the case at£170.00. I can only find at £200. Thanks,


  4. Jackie,

    The case is £170.00 from Inglot here:


    1. Thank you for helping out, I did email Jackie back with an answer soon after she asked though!


      Sara x