Monday, 4 March 2013

The Upcoming & LCF Term 2 Photo Shoot

Apologies for how little I've been posting lately, but I have been absolutely rammed with stuff to do! Last week I submitted my Term 2 project for LCF, which required us to plan a shoot interpreting a quote from our brief and submit 4 photos, a research journal, a written piece, and a publication showing my idea from conception to realisation to an 'imagined' potential client, which in my case was Hunger Magazine. After nearly tearing my hair out, the wave of relief felt on submission morning and the final images from the shoot was definitely worth all the stress.
I'm so proud of how the images came out, working as an MUA on someones shoot is one thing, planning the entire shoot and getting a team together to try and create an idea of your own is a whole different story. It's an amazing feeling to see your vision come to life. If only I could relax now, but I have an essay to hand in next week!!

The other reason I've been extremely busy is due to an internship I landed at British daily online magazine The Upcoming. After nearly 6 months since starting Beauty Lust, it occurred to me more and more just how much I enjoy writing about beauty. So, I began toying with the idea of writing for another company and doing it as a sideline to makeup. I applied for a couple internships thinking nothing of it, never did I think that I would get a reply to my applications at all, so I was shocked to have two different websites wanting to take me on!  The internship I chose is a Fashion & Beauty editorial position, where I write two articles a week to a strict deadline. It's been a challenge, having never done anything like this before I've been thrown right in the deep end, from liaising with companies and PR's, requesting press releases/samples, to spending my second week of my internship reporting on London Fashion Week shows! Hopefully when it comes to an end it will only lead to bigger and better things, fingers crossed!

I honestly think I am crazy trying to juggle LCF work, an internship, freelancing and running a blog all at once, and I probably am, but I'm having so much fun. After my essay is in I'll be back to posting more regularly on here, and I think The Upcoming may let me post some of my beauty reviews on here so you will all be hearing from me more regardless. I also have a new segment coming up so look out for that!

What would you like to see more of on Beauty Lust?


  1. photos look amazing, what camera do you use?

    1. Thank you! I didn't take the photos, I used a photographer I regularly work with. I can ask her what camera she used if you would like though? x