Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Most Anticipated Spring 2013 Makeup Collections

Here's a round-up of the collections that have me in a beauty frenzy this Spring!

Illamasqua I'mperfection Collection: £14 - £28.50

A first glance at Illamasqua's new collection and you see Imperfection. Take a closer look and you see the word I'mperfection. Illamasqua's new collection is about celebrating those features that most would deem a flaw. Features such as freckles, birth marks or beauty spots are encouraged to be enhanced, in an industry that try to cover such features up. But what else did we expect from Illamasqua? A brand that aren't afraid to break the mould and go against what's ideal in a vanity-driven industry.
The collection consists of a range of speckled varnishes, blush duos to suit all skin tones, the innovative new blush brush, a new lipstick, a new green lipgloss (Set to be the next Apocolips) and the existing Precision Ink in Abyss.
The I'mperfection Collection will be available to buy at Illamasqua counters, freestanding stores and online from 31st January 2013.

Chanel Printemps Précieux: £17.50 - £46.00

Chanel's new collection, meaning 'Precious Spring', is inspired by the notion that elegance and beauty should be simple and sophisticated. One of the larger collections this season, the colours range from neutrals and soft pinks to rich plums, all staying very pretty and fresh for Spring. The masterpiece of the collection, as you all may very well know by now is the Illuminating powder, artfully embossed with all things Chanel.
The collection contains three nail colours, a range of matte and and luminous lip colours, two glosses, two lip pencils, two eyeshadow compacts (Duo and Quad), three eyeliner stylos', a blush compact and the illuminating powder. Phew! Printemps Précieux is available from Chanel counters, freestanding stores and online at

Too Faced have gone all romantic on us, giving us soft, pretty shades in decadent packaging, perfect to keep in your boudoir. The brand's founder, Jerrod Blandino, was in awe by the lengths women go to achieve the illusion of flawlessness, inspiring products such as their Air Buffed BB Crème (The first full-coverage BB cream), the soft, sultry shades in their Boudoir Eyes palette and the No Makeup Makeup palette, apparently made to create a 'I was born perfect' look.
There is one product that has me sold on this collection, the Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush. I'm not one for overly girly decor, but the heart shaped box with gold trim has me swooning. A trio of rose, coral and peach are packed in to the romantic heart design and can be used alone or mixed together to create a custom flush or highlight.
Prices range from $21 - $39 (Around £14 - £25). I don't know when or if the collection will be coming across the pond, but it is available to purchase now from the Too Faced website, with shipping to the UK.

Paul & Joe Beaute Carousel collection: £6 - £23

Hold me back and take my credit card away from me please! I've fell head over heels in love with the Carousel collection. I've always had a strange fascination with the intricate beauty of old Victorian fairgrounds, unlike the tackiness of ones you see today. This collection is inspired by Parisian carousels, encapturing the nostalgia and wonderment felt atop a carousel horse as a child. 
There is nothing about this collection that I don't love, from the beautiful two-toned eye powders, lipsticks embossed with horses (Complete with lipstick cases to match!), the limited-edition pressed powder swirl and the ever-so-pretty cheek compacts. My only doubt is what to buy first!
The mesmerising Carousel collection can be found at

Any of these collections take your fancy? What products will you be snapping up this spring?


  1. Amazing!! I just want to buy all of this haha the packaging is sooo beautiful- great, useful post! X x