Monday, 19 November 2012

Selfridges Beauty Workshop Lucky Bags

Oh the disappointment! A few days ago I got an email telling me the limited-to-1000, Beauty Workshop lucky bags had come in stock. The description was as follows 'Just in time for Christmas, The Beauty Workshop at Selfridges launches the much-anticipated Lucky Bag. A lucky dip from the most exciting make-up, hair, skin and body brands, hand-picked within The Beauty Workshop at Selfridges. Each bag includes a minimum of five beauty must-haves, while a very lucky few contain a Beauty Workshop service gift card for the ultimate pampering experience worth £170, making the Lucky Bag the perfect Christmas gift for beauty fanatics.'

Being only £15 for Selfridges quality products, I snapped one up quick and anticipated it's arrival. I know the risk with buying a lucky bag, but with it being from Selfridges, I was still expecting high-end products...Oh how wrong I was.

I received..

Nails Inc mini nail polish in Flammable (4ml mini-size worth £2.75)
Don't get me wrong, I love Nails Inc, I have a pretty unhealthy amount of their polishes sat on my desk, but could they not have at least put a full-size in? Nails Inc aren't exactly an expensive brand at £11 a bottle.

Hair bandz 99 band ball (Worth £4.99)
I can't think of anything that could ruin a hairstyle more than sticking a horrible bright hair band into it. Looks like something I could go pick up in Claire's Accessories. It's actually a great possibility that they're actually sold there, but alas, not being a 12 year old I wouldn't know. 

Dr.Bronners Magic Soap Hemp Rose (59ml worth £1.37)
This is something I can actually see belonging to a Selfridges lucky bag. But again, with a 236ml coming in at £5.36, it wouldn't have hurt to have included a slightly larger size bottle.

NPW Nail Varnish Remover Pads (Worth £1.95)
Beauty Junky Face Mask (Worth £1.50)
Do I even have to comment? If getting nail varnish remover pads in a Selfridges lucky bag wasn't bad enough, it comes complete with incredibly tacky pink leopard print packaging. It was put straight back in the bag, where it's pink tackiness could no longer be seen to the world.
I can deal with a face mask, but this one looks like it was designed for children. I'd expect to go pick both these products up from Boots or Superdrug, not one of the most luxurious department stores in the world. Next..

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) Lip Tar in Demure (Worth £10)
Finally, a product that's worthy of the lucky bag! I love OCC Lip Tars, and a tiny bit of faith was restored when I pulled it out and realised it was a full-size product. And those of you who own their lip tars, you'll know a little goes a LONG way, so I'm very pleased. Great colour as well, I'll definitely be putting this in my kit.

My bag ending up being worth a grand total £22.56. Considering I payed £4.95 for shipping, I saved a whopping £2.61, useless! I could have gone out and bought the Lip Tar on it's own and saved myself ten pounds!

As you can certainly tell, I am thoroughly disappointed with what I received, and judging by other bloggers posts on their bags, I'm not the only one. I know it was only £15 and it's the chance I take with a lucky bag, but I'm sure you can all agree that I expect so much more from Selfridges. I was 100x more pleased with the couple GlossyBox's I've bought in the past, and they were cheaper!
Hopefully Selfridges will acknowledge and take note of the sheer disappointment everyone's feeling, and will up their game next time. Or simply stick to the Beauty Boxes they've released in the past.

[Update] Selfridges read my post and as an offer of goodwill, gave be a full refund, including delivery costs and I didn't have to return the bag. Their bags might have been a big flop, but they still have great customer service!

What do we think? Would you be happy with receiving this? Did you order one yourself?


  1. The OCC tar is a lovely colour:)


  2. The lip tar is so pretty! Love the color!

  3. I must admit, that is pretty damn poor. At least you got one decent product though I suppose…

    Lea x

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  4. The lip colour is pretty, at least you got your money back!

  5. Hi do you know where I can get this OCC Demure colour, Selfridges don't have this on line or in store? I really really want this colour!