Sunday, 9 September 2012

Weekend Wishlist #01

1. MAC Pro Acrylics - As I'm going back in to studying I couldn't get a professional pro card earlier this year, so had to endure the wait until this month for my student one to come through. I've been itching to buy a few of these for a while now, and I think they will be my first purchase with my card, along with a couple brushes.

2. Jeffrey Campbell Martini slippers - I have been on the lookout for some studded flats, but looking round the high street they've all appeared a bit cheap, especially considering the prices of some of them *cough* Topshop *cough*. I saw these beauties in Office, tried them on, perfect. Looked at the £130 price tag, and cried inside as I put them back on the shelf. These will be staying on the wishlist, cry.

3. Zara Shopper Basket - First saw the brown version of this bag on the arm of a blogger and thought it looked pretty expensive, so when I saw it was from Zara I was straight on the website. Fell for the berry version straight away, perfect colour for the coming autumn/winter months, and somehow reminded me a little of McQueen. Had the email today to tell me it was back in stock, so I've snapped it up quick, love it.

4. Metal Cuff, Anna Dello Russo for H&M - Saw this in my October Elle High-Street Edit and couldn't find it anywhere on the Internet. So if the picture quality's poor it's because I took this straight out the magazine and edited it. I absolutely love this cuff, but I have a feeling I'll have to grab it pretty quick if I want it. At £34.99 it's a steal, it looks like it's worth at least triple the price.

5. Rankin Presents; Caroline Saulnier - The third in the series of Rankin's beauty books, the former two with Alex Box and Ayami Nishimura. The book isn't released until the 13th of this month, and an exhibition showcasing the images to be shown at Rankin's Annroy Gallery from the 15th. I'll no doubt be going to the exhibition before it goes to Los Angeles once I've settled in to my new London home, and decide whether to purchase the book after. But with Rankin being my favourite photographer, and Saulnier the amazing artist she is, I think there's no question I'll be buying this.

6. Mango Peter Pan Top - I love the embellished collar on this top, and with various interviews coming up this month, I think it would be perfect. Will definitely be needing to try this one on first, the arms on this with my tall, slim frame could leave me looking a bit boy-ish, do not want. This is also £34.99, not bad at all!

In case you haven't heard of Caroline Saulnier before and want to know what I'm fussing over, I'll stick the teaser video for the book in another post!



  1. Those shoes are to die for I saw pair at Nordstroms that weree white cute

    Care to follow each other I am new to blogging and would appreciate the support